Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Something New For The Honeman Flyer

Will the third post be the charm?
 Back at Sea Otter Redshift Sports soft launched a new Shock Stop seat post and they asked if I wanted to try it out before the "official" launch in June. Of course, I said 'yes', and now I have that and another Shock Stop Pro Stem to use. The question was, what bike will these go on

Well, that didn't take long to figure out as I contemplated some goals for this Summer. One of those goals is to ride a century on a single speed. There isn't any question which single speed I have that would be chosen for the accomplishment of this goal. I will definitely be using the Honeman Flyer

 There will be a proper review of the new post in due time. As for now, I will focus on talking about the ride I want to do with these Redshift parts and this bike. I will add that Redshift Sports sent the new post and stem at no charge for testing and review.

Right now the schedule is to go do the GCHoF ride in Emporia next week. Then on June 15th there is the "Victory Ride" which I want to use the Honeman Flyer for as well. Then after that I may have a spot open for a bit to do a single speed century. All of those previous rides to a planned century on the single speed should help me to dial in the Redshift stuff to perfection.

It has been a "seat post saga" with this new single speed, but hopefully that nonsense will be behind me now. There was nothing at all wrong with that PRO Discover post, but for a really long ride in the saddle I know that Redshift post will work wonders. The clamp bolt for that garish red anodized clamp got a bit rounded out, so that got replaced as well recently. All that should make for a slip-free ride when I do get out again on the single speed. 

More soon...


MG said...

I hope you’ll be able to get the seathead on that to the right angle for your needs, but if so, it should be a winner for you!

Guitar Ted said...

@MG - Thanks! It's kind of a thing where you have to anticipate what sag level you want. I know you understand that. The angle seems fin so far. I still have to play with the sag level, and because of the nature of this technology, that is a hassle, somewhat, to do.