Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Give Peace a Chance

There are some things that I don't even really want to write about, but at times, I feel prompted to say something. This is one of those times and yes, I'm going to write some stuff that maybe I shouldn't! We'll see!

It all started when I began to start to submit articles for The Biking Hub , a website dedicated to the mountain biker. My write ups were about introducing folks to the concepts, advantages, and disadvantages of 29"ers. To be honest, my articles are probably a bit sanitized from my usual rustic flair that I use here. So, no inflammatory remarks, nothing like that. ( Which I don't think I do much of here either!) Anyway, there is a comment section after each article. I began getting comments from a certain poster over a week ago. Just one random comment, which was a little negative and provoking. Then after last weeks article, the commenter was downright nasty, referring to me as being "egotistical and pompous". (Note: the comment was deleted by the webmaster and the commenter was banned) There was more to it, but I think we all know what a troll is.

So, what's the point? Well, I could have gotten upset. I could have ranted back at him in the comment section. Both would have been wastes of my time. The thing is, you just can't respond, because that's what the commenter wants. It's like verbal terrorism. I just won't stoop to that level. Nope, not gonna do that! If someone wants to have a calm discussion about my views without resorting to childishness, I'm all for it.

What's going on here? I think it's one of two things. The commenter is bothered by what I write because it's challenging his/ her empirical viewpoint of mountain biking, or they are just picking a fight to pick a fight. Maybe both! All I know is that you aren't making a difference in life if there isn't a reaction to what you are doing. Sometimes that reaction is negative. Sometimes it's positive. At least I'm impacting someone to the point of acting, although it wasn't my intent to motivate a hater!

Well, for whatever reason, I hope you are getting something out of this blog that's a benefit to you. But please.................don't be a hater!

Nobody gets anything good out of that!

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