Monday, April 24, 2006

New Rides On Dirt = It Must Be Springtime!

I got the new steed out for a quick shake down cruise on Sunday. I had thought about going to a couple other places to ride, but when you have a brand spankin' new build, it's best to stick close to the ranch. That way, if there is a failure or problem you won't have to walk as far. ( Yeah! I ride to my "rides", so no car)

Anyway, You just can't trust a new bike, at least I can't. A new bike has to proove it's trust worthy to me before I will cut loose on some epic ride or manouvers. To prove my point, my saddle ended up sliding all the way back on it's rails, and the seat QR needed tightening with an allen wrench to achieve optimum clamping force on the Salsa Shaft seat post. Problems solved! Everything else went just fine.

I saw another bike getting shaken down at the GreenBelt under the tutelage of Jeff Slade. Nice KHS soft tail single speed! "Kerkove Approved" all black paint and components. (with the exception of that offensive WTB saddle, right Slade?) Anyway, it was good to see that I'm not the only one that has a new single speed in the area. Nice ride Slade!

We talked for a bit about the Trans Iowa V2 finish line. Slade will be helping out with that, ( Thanks a bunch pal!) so any of you T.I. riders reading this, make sure you give him a shout out at the finish to encourage him. (and dirtram, Carlos, and The Cheese Queen too. They'll all be there!)

Going into work early today for a meeting. zzzzz........zzzzzz......zzzzz........ah, wah-what? Yes! I agree! ah.......great idea. umm..........zzzzz......zzzzzz........zzzzzzz........

Well, you get the idea!

Sign me: In a Frenzied Fit to Get All Ends Tied Up Before T.I.V2! OUT!

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