Thursday, April 06, 2006

Putting His Money Where His Mouth Is

I saw something on awhile back that I thought was really intriguing. A fellow had posted that he was going to start a bike shop which is no big deal. However; he also was going to simultaneously launch a webstore dedicated solely to selling 29"ers and related product. He had a link in the post to a blog, so I checked it out. Being a bike shop employee myself, I was taken in by this fellows enthusiasm, so I linked him on my blog. Through commenting on his site, we exchanged e-mails and I discovered that George Wisell also likes to play guitar! ( Okay, that rates pretty high on my scale of coolness!) Well, now George is up and running in his "brick and mortar" and just recently, he publicly announced his opening of the webstore too.

As you might have read in the press release, George fell in love with 29"ers right after his first ride. Obviously, living where he does in Vermont, he has a pretty good idea of what makes a good trail bike. To see him dedicate his entire business to 29"ers is rather telling I think. Call him a zealot if you want to, but I think ol' George is on to something here. People like George are passionate about bikes. They want to have the best experience possible everytime that they sling a leg over their machine. If someone like George finds a tool that does the job better, then why shouldn't he, or anyone else for that matter, be excited about that? Now he's sharing that passion and the tools to make your experience a good one on the world wide web for all to enjoy. Zealot? I don't know about that. I prefer to think he is smarter than your average bear, but that's just me! (ha ha!)

Anyway, I'm glad to see that George's ideas have come to see the light of day and I wish him all the best in his business. I don't get paid for this, by the way, I just think it's really cool that somebody believes in the format so strongly that they stake their entire business on the idea. Being a "29"er nutcase" myself, I thought I would give you all out there a glimpse of the future, (muwah-ha-ha-ha!) and say "Good on ya mate!" to George Wisell and all at .

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