Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Going Too Fast?

I got an e-mail from a company trying to sell me a training plan the other day. Amongst the selling points was a bit of wisdom that I thought about. It seems to ring true with me, so I thought I'd share it with you all here. (Don't worry! I won't be "spamming" you, and I promise I'm not selling anything!)

The point was being made that as Spring begins to make it more appealing to go for extended rides outdoors, you must be aware of your tendency towards over doing it. You know, it gets to be about 60 degrees out, you can shed that jacket for the first time in ages, and you've got the afternoon off. After three or four hours go by, you come home feeling great. A couple days later, it's the weekend and your buddies call. Hammerfest! As Mr. 24 would say, you ride yourself retarded! So what?

Well, you are stressing your body to a high degree in a short period of time without a proper buildup, that's what. It's possible that you will burn out later in the year. It's probably also true that you are not training in the correct zone, and that you don't have enough base miles in yet. The best thing to do is slow down, check that enthusiasm, and discipline yourself to ramp up the intensity. Don't go from zero to sixty! (If you know what I mean)

Now, granted, I'm no training guru, but this makes sense to me. Obviously, if you've been on a rigid, disciplined training regimen all winter long, (as Mr. 24 has), you can probably skip this advice. But for the rest of us knaves and peasants, it might be good advice. Take what you can from that!

Reaction to Give Peace a Chance: I wanted to acknowledge all the encouraging comments recieved from yesterdays posts. Thank you all! I was not expecting any sort of reaction of that nature. I was just merely trying to point out that, yes I was upset, but that when we are provoked by sensless comments, it might be best to not react in like manner. Anyway, I'm flattered that you all took the time to comment, and I wanted to publicly acknowledge that. Now,..............back to blogging!

Sea Otter: I'm supposed to be getting something in to post about a product introduction for Sea Otter this weekend. I haven't heard back fom my contact yet, but hopefully that will come through and I will have something to present. At any rate, the weekend looks to be a big one for new gear and of course, racing! Check here for anything worthwhile from the mountain biking world.

Well, it's almost mountainbiking! Paris-Roubaix that is. It's this weekend ( I think) and if it's wet in Europe, then it's like mountain biking on skinny tires! This has to be one of my favorite road races.

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