Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Got Fenders?

Whoo boy! Looks like this weekend could be shaping up to be a real epic! Have you checked the forcast lately for the weekend?

Yeah! That'd be a recipe for wet and windy weather that you are lookin' at. By the way, the "L" is right over the top of the Trans Iowa course!

This means that for me, as a race director, that I'll be wearing my rain gear. For the Trans Iowa competitor, this means misery! I can about imagine that those that have pre-packed their gear are adding and subtracting things in accordance with this forcast. This is going to be really interesting if it does actually rain. At any rate, this is typical of what April has been about this year. The storm track has been right through Iowa/southern Minnesota and we have had more easterly winds than I can remember in such a short period of time. This weekend's forcast calls for more of the same with south easterly or north easterly winds at 15- 20mph. Yep! Should be epic!

As for the preparations, I'd like to say that we are all ready to go, but we are not! It looks like we are going to be taking delivery on some things right up to the last second before we leave! Crazy! I can report that all the important elements for putting on the event are essentially in place. Cue sheets, race roster check offs, volunteers, plans, and logistics are all coming together like butt cheeks! It's just some of the extras for the event- the non-essentials if you will, that are lacking right now. Hopefully that stuff all shows up as it would enhance the participants experience a bit!

All we can do now is gather up what we have and wait. It would figure that things at work have gotten craaaazy since last week! We are trying to push through as much shop work as we can before we bug out, which is only adding to the stress levels of Mr. 24 and yours truly. We will deal with it though! Going in at seven in the morning today with our long swords in hand and a lusty Viking battle song on our tongues to slay as many repair jobs as we can before 3pm. Our goal: take no prisoners and leave no one standing! Notches on battle gear will be an extra badge of honor! (Perhaps only shop geeks and single speeders will understand the previous statements)

Speaking of single speeders...... You guys will be lovin' it if it rains! (That's not code for anything by the way!)

Well, more T.I. posts to come in the following days. I can't help that. My mind is consumed with details of it for now! Bear with me through the weekend and the posts might get interesting again!

My photography goal for the weekend: To find a mud caked racers mug. You know...... with the only skin showing around the eyes and mouth? Take close up of the face. Post it on this blog with the caption: Got Fenders?

Epic, I say epic!

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