Monday, April 17, 2006

Put A Wrapper On That, Son!

It's that time of year when the shop I work at is busy putting together all the new bikes to be sold during the spring, summer, and fall. We get them delivered by freight trucks that we unload by hand. Recently, we were unloading a truck out back of the shop when I grabbed this bike box and heard all this rattling! Actually, we got two bikes like this that had rattling things inside!

Well, we finally got around to opening up one of these boxes, and would you believe it was full of Jelly Bellies? No? I didn't think so, that is why I took this picture. This is the strangest part of the whole thing to me. These bikes are produced in China for Trek. Why would some Chinese worker put purple Jelly Bellies in a random bike box? Then again, since the beans were loose in the box, they could have been poured into it through one of the "handles" that are in the box. Who would do such a thing and more importantly, why?

Of course, we didn't eat any of them. Totally unsanitary packaging! Perhaps they are part of a terrorist attack! You know........folks from the auto industry trying to knock us green, healthy, eco-friendly geeks off. Enticing us with a little sugary goodness laced with God knows what! Who knows?

Well, for what ever reason they were in there, I'm not biting the bait! Even though they were my favorite color, and I really like Jelly Bellies. Nope! Not gonna do it!

At least they could have used some kind of wrapped candy! Tootsie Rolls! Now there's an idea!

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