Monday, April 03, 2006

Rain Check

If you live in the Mid West, you probably had your ride shortened, rearranged, or cancelled altogether by the rains that swept through the area. I'm no different. I didn't get nearly the riding in that I had wanted to, not that my body would have put up with it. A strange soreness in the muscles was felt on Sunday, so I relaxed all day instead of riding. Not that I missed much. It was miserable here most of the day anyway. By the sounds of things outdoors right now, the wind is roaring out of the North West, which should make up for any lost riding yesterday by putting the hurt on the commute to work this morning. Thanks...........I guess?

Inbred Update: I did manage to get some progress made on the Inbred last night. I installed the Chris King pink headset sinister style, ( You'll have to wait for the pictures if you don't understand) The crazy thing was that I was able to install the headset cups by hand. Hi-yaah! One sharp blow on each and they were in! I also got some measurements taken with the wheels on her to find out what I need for a stem. Actually, I have one that would do the job, but it's a painted stem in electrical cord orange. Not going to happen! I'm ordering a black Salsa stem in the same length and rise to use instead. I've agonized over the handle bar set up way to long. I wanted to go with a Titec H-Bar, ( not available yet) or another Midge bar, ( $60.00 retail), but I decided that I'd go with a bar I already have. I've even used it last year on an eight hour ride with no complaints, so I'm going with the Old Titec 118 titanium flat bar. At least I can use it until I decide on something else, or my options open up a little more. One thing I do know, that titanium bar is smoooooth! Finally, I've been reading with some interest about saddle choices and the SLR by Selle Italia keeps coming up. I'm going to check into that, but the front runner is still the Fizik Arione right now for this bike.

Nothing too exciting today! Look for some Sea Otter product release news later in the week. If anything rant-worthy comes up, I'll be on that, too. Inbred Updates, Trans Iowa news, and local race and training news will all be featured coming up soon as well. Have a great day!

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