Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A Tale of Madness and Long Bike Rides

I've been asked several times by different folks to write a story about Trans Iowa. The thing was, where do I start? There are so many angles to a story like this. It's pretty hard to find focus when you are mired in the middle of it, like I am. When you are so close to the story, it's like having a girl friend that you think is cool, but all your friends can see that she is sooo wrong for you. (Didn't you just hate it when you found out later?) Anyway, I digress..............

So, I was finally persuaded to write about this Trans Iowa mess. Cory at The Biking Hub suggested I try it for his site. The results can be found there today. It's just the first chapter of the story, so you'll have to check back every week for more. Maybe I'll do a more narrative type of piece on Trans Iowa someday. I do have loads of stories from the racers, and my recollections on the hard drive to draw from. Hmm.......I'll have to give that some more thought after T.I.V2!

Give that a read over at The Biking Hub, and let me know what ya'all think after a couple of weeks. If there is enough interest for more, I'll be even more motivated to put out a crusty, rustic yarn on that madness called Trans Iowa.

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