Saturday, April 22, 2006

Weather Worries

The next few days will be focused mostly on making sure our "i's" are dotted and our "t's" are crossed for Trans Iowa V2. The biggest swing factor out of everybodies control is the weather.

The greatest fear is pouring down rain and massive headwinds. The best scenario would be sunny, warm temperartures with a tailwind. What will happen? Probably something inbetween.

The current forecast calls for showers, cloudy skies, and a mild headwind. Look for that to change again as we get nearer to next weekend. That's the thing that drives you nuts if you focus on it. The changing forcast. I say, just forget about it! Yep! Just let it go.

You can't control it. The weather will be what it will be, regardless of Trans Iowa, life, or death. The weather will not be the determining factor, most likely, that will stop someone from completing the course. It will be a factor, no doubt. But it's just that, a factor. One of many that will determine the outcome of 66 riders fates that weekend.

Now where did I put that rain coat.........................???

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