Sunday, August 06, 2006

Garage Bike Classics

I haven't had a "Garage Bike Classics" post for awhile now. I had to sneak this one in though. It's a late 80's DeRosa Columbus SLX tubed, Mavic equipped machine. When I say Mavic, I mean the entire gruppo! The stem, bottom bracket, hubs, shifters, derailluers, and headset. Even the seatpost is Mavic! Interestingly, the brake levers are branded Mavic, but when you look closer, you can see "Modolo" molded into the side of the levers.

Here's a close up of the rear derailluer. You can see the pinstriped cage. Pretty fancy stuff, huh?

A couple of other notable parts were the Campy Record pedals and Campy tubular rims. The bike was in remarkable condition, with the exception of a bit of internal rusting that I found after removing the bottom bracket.

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