Friday, August 11, 2006

Can There Ever Be Too Much? Part Two

I just wanted to make this post reflect the reason for yesterdays post by showing you what is currently available and what is being introduced in the single speed 29"er hardtail mountain bike world. To keep it simple, I am limiting this to complete bikes available at or through most bike shops nation wide, (U.S.) and any major bike manufacturer offerings. ( manufacturers bikes that are distributed across the U.S.)

Already available: Aluminum: Niner- One Nine, Fisher- Rig, S&M- BM Flyer.

Steel: Surly: Karate Monkey, Raleigh- XXIX, Redline- Monocog, Niner- Sir 9, Salsa- El Mariachi, Kona- Unit 29, VooDoo- Dambala.

Being introduced this year: Aluminum: Bianchi- Rita

Steel: Haro- Mary, GT- Peace, Jamis Dakota 29(?)

These are bikes that I could think of off the top of my head, with no research. Might be, ( and probably are) others that I missed.

I also puposely left off the "sub-marketed" One One Inbred and a host of "boutique" builders like Ventana, Curtlo, Badger, Walt Works, Wily, Independant Fabrications, Retro Tec/ Inglis, Moots, and a host of other builders that have been filling the void of mass produced single speeds all along.

The market place is getting crowded and more introductions may follow that I am unaware of right now. I haven't said anything about geared hardtail 29"ers, but they are getting some action, as well. Fisher is coming out with a Ferrous 29"er(steel- a first for Fisher), Haro has a Mary XC, Raleigh is going to have one, and Cannondale's Caffeine 29"er is due out in September.

It's going to be a busy trade show season, that's for sure!

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