Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Guitar Ted In Print!

Maybe this is not a big deal anymore since the age of digital media is upon us, but something that I wrote actually made it to print! As in old fashioned paper print.'s a bicycle catalog, but it's printed none the less!

I was contacted earlier in the summer by a person that works for Haro Bicycles to write some catalog copy for their upcoming Haro Mary 29"er single speed and XC geared hardtails. The copy was to be a paragraph about 29"ers in general, or about the Mary 29"ers. I wrote one paragraph for each idea and sent them in. Later, I found out that they were going to "use it" in the upcoming '07 catalog. "Great!", I think to myself, "I wonder which one they'll use?" Well, I was shown a Haro '07 catalog yesterday and they used both paragraphs! I was quite surprised and flattered. So, you can get your Guitar Ted penned ode to Haro Mary 29"ers at your local Haro dealers soon. It's on the page with the Mary SS model. I'm not mentioned as the author, ( it is catalog copy, afterall) but trust me, I wrote that.

Just a word or two about the Haro hardtail 29"ers: These are some sweet steel rigs that have been rider tested and are already getting some really positive feedback from independant test riders. They are both specced out pretty nicely. The SS version has On One Mary bars on board! The frames themselves are pretty well thought out. The seat post size is larger to fight flex, which is especially welcomed for seated climbing. The frames seat and chainstays are already big enough for the upcoming larger tires from Panaracer and WTB. The drop outs are a replaceable, modular piece, much like the Raleigh XXIX. My favorite part of the frame has to be the highly manipulated shaped chain stays. Really cool stuff. Anyway, check these out, they are a pretty sweet rig!

Now, as you know, I am often "published on the web". Here's my latest blurb on The Biking Hub
It's about Inter Bike, which is coming up real soon. We should be seeing a veritable avalanche of 29"er goodies coming up this fall. It's going to be the subtitle to this years Inter Bike, mark my words. Inter Bike '06: The Year Of The 29"er! (You could probably catch the Haro Mary 29"er and a host of other 29"ers at the On Dirt Demo and on the Inter Bike showroom floor soon!) Me? I'll be at home this year, unless something miraculous happens and my airfare gets "taken care of". Just can not afford that expense! I've got 29"ers to build up and think about, you know!

Okay folks! Enough "tooting my own horn" here, as they say. I just wanted to share that with ya'all. It's not everyday that something you write gets printed and distributed on a nationwide level. Even if it is only a bicycle catalog!

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