Monday, August 14, 2006

Intense Cycles To Manufacture 29"er Tires?

I had time to peruse my Bicycle Retailer and Industry News this weekend and came across this bit in the August 15th issue on page 10 in an article about Intense's revamped management and manufacturing moves:
According to Steber, Intense is currently releasing the first production of its 29-inch Spider model. The company also is releasing a line of FRO limited-edition models including Spider FRO and Socum FRO. "You will also see a complete BMX race bike and some 29-inch tires," he said. No mention of what might become available, but I have seen Intense's 26" offerings in tires and they are pretty interesting.

In Other Goings On: It looks as though Jamis has decided to join the 29"er fray with one steel framed single speed, ( yes, another single speed 29"er!) and an aluminum geared hardtail, (Yes!). The bikes look pretty sharp.

The Guitar Ted Death Ride group is shaping up to be a nice little posse. Weather is looking as though it might co-operate too. Have you decided to come? Get your map at the GTDRI blogsite!

Will "It" Come Today? Part One: I've been waiting a whole week. It's supposedly in the mail. Maybe it'll be here after I get back from doing onsite installments of autoshifting bikes on trainers in Grundy Center today. ( No! I didn't just make that last part up!) You guys and gals will know when it arrives! Just wait...............

End of the season yet? Are you going to do another race or two? Psyhco-crossing it this fall? What are you going to do? Fall is could dare to do this!

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