Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Summer Days Fading Away.....

I noticed it when I put my two children to bed the other night. Yep......the days are getting shorter. That means an end to the hazy, crazy days of summer are coming fast. Not to worry, though. Fall is one of my favorite times of the year to mountain bike here in the mid west.

Another thing to look forward to is the Inter Bike show in Lost Wages, Nevada. ( did I just write Lost Wages?) Anyway, I'm a gear head and Inter Bike is my favorite gear frenzied event. I sure am glad that the event gets so much photo coverage, because I usually can not make it out there to see it in person. I almost had everything sewn up to go this year, but certain circumstances are going to keep me home bound again this year. Oh well, maybe some other time!

At the shop, I have already noticed an increase in calls from college students, so the influx of younginz is starting already, too. That ususally means lots of lower end mtb, and used bike sales. Lots of repair work on rusty Mart bikes, too.

Update on Gas prices: I wrote yesterday that I expected the prices at the pump to increase as I rode by on my way to work. Well..........they actually decreased by eight cents! So much for that theory! I expect it'll change here in the very near future to being higher.

Update on Trans Iowa V3 (?): Well, all the Trans Iowa veterans have chimed in, how about the rest of you? Make your views known! We want your opinions on the loop course idea, or any other niggles and props you might have concerning T.I. Speak!

Update on GTDRI: I'm going to try and get a finalized, printable map of the route done and available by the end of the week. Remember, you must print out and bring with you the route map if you are planning on coming to GTDRI on August 19th. I'll post a reminder when the map is available.

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