Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sunday Morning Edition

With all the Trans Iowa talk going on, I was reminded of this bike that was in at the shop recently. The guy gravel ground it till it wouldn't function anymore! He had worn out EVERYTHING! No.......really! He did!

I saw a bumper sticker while commuting home the other day: "I poke Badgers with spoons" Awesome!

Actually, there is a rumor that the ultimate gravel grinder and a Badger may have something in common......stay tuned!

Remember that I posted a few days ago about the published text I wrte in the Haro catalog? Well, here it is! Thanks go out to Mike Varley of Haro Bikes for the opportunity to do this and for helping to get this to print! Thanks!

If ya can't read it, I'm sorry! It's the best pic I could get of it. Here's an idea........go to your nearest Haro dealer and getcher own catalog!

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