Friday, August 04, 2006

Trans Iowa V3 (?) Feedback

Great...........I put up a post about disc vs. linear pull brakes with a blurb about T.I. at the end and all you freaks want to talk about is T.I. ! So, I relent and here is another post on the subject for you all! Enjoy!

Okay, first of all, thank you for your considered opinions so far. We are listening! Here is some more for you to chew on...........

The Name: Should it still be "Trans Iowa" if we don't actually cross the state and do a loop course instead? ( We are doing a loop course, if this happens again, by the way!) Mr. 24 has been spouting off goofy new names for the event like a monkey on crack since yesterday. Help us out here!

The Course: As stated above, it's pretty much a foregone conclusion that if we do this again, it will be a loop course. Your outcries, my experience at Dirty Kanza, and a way to make running the event easier for us were the deciding factors. We hate to leave out Hawarden or Algona from the route, because of the excellent people and the help that they gave us in the past, but make no mistake: I'm not going to miss the multiple trips across the state and back to re-con the course and run the event. I'm sure you guys won't mind not having to figure out your rides back from the finish to the start to pick up vehicles or to figure out your support team travel. It was a great burden for everyone and Dirty Kanza showed me how much more logical and fun a loop course could make an event like Trans Iowa. Besides...........there are more and bigger hills over in this part of the state!

The Big If: We would love to say, "Yes, we are doing T.I.V3" right now, but there are extenuating circumstances that may affect whether or not Jeff and I will be able to put this on again. Nothing to do with you guys and gals, just "life issues". You know........maybe Jeff and I won't be working together or even live in the same area,( yes...that is "code for something") maybe we won't want to put up with this again after all, who knows? We are both excited about the event taking a new turn and we are invigorated about it again, but until things are a bit clearer on a few fronts, we won't say that it will happen. Not just yet anyway. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, let's just keep the ideas coming. Jeff and I are getting more excited about this again and your comments are helping. Thanks again!

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