Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Trek World and Some Thoughts

Well, after perusing the info from Trek World, probably the most interesting thing from a complete bike standpoint was the Fisher Ferrous. A True Temper OX Platinum tubed bike with gears and an eccentric bottom bracket.

There are a few things here that are interesting. When was the last time that a major manufacturer introduced a steel hardtail, much less a 29"er steel hardtail. At least a high end one. I can only think of Jamis and Marin as companies that have held on to a steel hardtail in their lineup over the years, but no one introducing one! The other thing that's causing consternation amongst the purists is the eccentric bottom bracket/ geared combo.

Well, just like most other companies out there, Fisher probably is thinking that they are covering their bases with single speeder steel lovers and the steel gearie crowd with this bike. Makes sense from the manufacturers viewpoint. It raises an interesting question; however, since this tactic is being used by Fisher.

My thought has been that other companies are doing things like this to get a better foothold in the overall 29"er market. Fisher doesn't have that issue to deal with. They almost single handedly created the market for 29"ers. So why throw the "do-it-all" frameset at us? I would have rather had Fisher do a geared only frame and then maybe replace the Rig with a steel SS. But that would have taken away the most wildly popular 29"er Fisher has yet produced. Yes, but I think the Rigs popularity is due for a bit of a slide and that by introducing a steel single speed "rig", the fire would have been rekindled. Or what the heck! Have both! Niner does it, and seems to have no problem selling both aluminum and steel single speeds. Anyway.........

The Ferrous, yeah............ Nice bike. Reba Race Air fork, SRAM X-9 rear derailluer and shifters, and Bontrager Race Disc 29"er wheelset. Bonty controls in the handle bar and stem. Seat and seat post, yep! Bontrager. Crankset.......Bontrager. I know, I know........the crankset is really TruVativ and the wheels are decent and all but I long for the days when bikes were spec'ed out with some quality name branded parts, even if they aren't any better than, well........Bontrager! Sorry, but Bontrager, Icon, and System One, Two, and Three are all pretty interchangeable vanilla flavor parts in my mind. Must be just me, 'cause lots of folks still go for that Bontrager stuff. And yes, there are some pretty nice carbon cranks and other bits out there. Yeah......I know that!

Hey, here's an idea! Quit B.S-ing us with this "Bontrager" crap and call it what it is for a change. We appreciate honesty out here. Be real!

The Fisher Ferrous is still a pretty cool bike despite the EBB and Bonty bits, but you have to be willing to overlook the quirks to get to the steel, gearie goodness. That's my take. What do you think?

Full view of the Ferrous 29"er in a cool "Devo Blue" color and subdued graphics.

Detail shot of the uniquely curvaceous seat stays.

Looks like a replaceable drop out. I wonder if Fisher will provide a SS only module? Hmmm..?

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