Tuesday, August 01, 2006

What Day Is It Anyway?

I've been super busy at work lately due to the goofy scheduling there which leaves me all by myself handling walk ins, regular customers, and repair work during different times throughout the day. Mr. 24 usually works with me in the mornings at least a couple times a week which helps clear out a bunch of repair work, but that's come to an end seemingly and now I'm just treading water. All of this and having lot's of outside of work responsibilities has made the days go by in a fog lately. Hopefully things get straightened out soon so I can regain some sanity!

Lot's of 24 @ 9 mile stories floating around out there. It sounds as though there needed to be a better policy for inclement weather. The end of the event sounded rather chaotic. Hey! I know just how that can be. Just remember last April and Trans Iowa! We were making snap decisions all morning and afternoon long that day. Imagine having a slew of support staff to inform and re-inform while racing is going on. Yeah.......that's some crazy stuff! It's no wonder things went goofy when you stop to think about it.

Heat is breaking up here, so regular posting should commence again. Plus........I get to sleep in my own bed without interuptions. Should be nice. The cold front made a little advance appearance today with clouds which kept the temps down. Then the rain came, of course, it was just about the time I had to ride home, so I broke out the rain gear. Something about rain gear and humid weather really doesn't make much sense. Know what I mean?

I saw a picture today of what looked like a 29 inch compatible Manitou front fork. Hmmm........makes some sense. Especially if it's got that offset that goes along with the new "Genesis 2" geometry from Fisher 26 inch bikes. I can not believe the 29"ers won't get that too. I'll be looking for more on that in the future. Another new developement is a promised new tire from Specialized for 29"ers. Ha! Sorry, I still think that the whole Specialized "cart before the horse" thing is just too funny! Anyway, hopefully the tire sees the light of day. I think that if Bontrager gets that tubeless system out for 29"ers and it works, Specialized and a whole bunch of other companies are going to be left scrambling. Maybe later this month reports from Trek Show will reveal more. Alas, I'm not going. I've got other plans.

Okay, that's it for the rambling mind! I'm going to chill out and hopefully get some better posts out in the near future. Later!

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