Thursday, November 09, 2006

Getting Caffeine-ated: Right Now!

Well, Guitar Ted Labratories in partnership with Twenty Nine Inches is going to be bringing you an impression of the Cannondale Caffeine 29"er. The bike is built up, and getting broken in for it's first off road adventures.

The format here is going to be that of a first ride impression rather than a review/ test because of the limited amount of time that the Caffeine will be available to me. Although I know alot of magazines/web sites that would write you a review based upon a very limited amount of riding, that's not what I'm into. I figure that you have to "live" with a bike awhile before you can write up a proper review. Ideally, that would take months. Heck, it took me two years to get my Karate Monkey figured out, but then again, that was my first 29"er. The things I learned there make reviewing subsequent 29"ers much easier and les time consuming.

But enough of that! What of the F-29? (Oddly enough, the bike sports both the old nomenclature and the newer "Caffeine" designations) Well, I will say that it's a great looking bike. The Lefty is always a striking visual centerpiece and the big wheels look good with a Cannondale interpretation. The familiar weld junctions, the "raw" clearcoated frame tubes, and the massive head tube all take on a different yet familiar look against those 29"er hoops.

I'll post some more pictures later and give you all some technical info, ride info, and some opinions later. For now, I'd like to thank Cannondale for making this bike a reality. I have given the company a lot of greif behind the scenes for not having a 29"er, so I humbly bow to the East in homage. (Ha!) Really though, it's awesome to have this bike as a choice for big wheelers. Secondly, I would be remiss for not mentioning the Cannondale rep for the shop where I work, since he's the one that had to put up with my constant whining for so long. Thanks to The_Smackdown for providing this sled!

Stay tuned for more Caffeine-ated fun!

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