Friday, November 03, 2006

Knocked Out.......Cold!

Wow! It's Friday already. Here's another weekend coming and now we're getting into that time of year where the weekend isn't so much about riding your bike as it is about other stuff. Cold temperatures and little sunlight, ( in the Northern Hemisphere......Aussies are rejoicing right now!) keep cycling activities to a minimum since it becomes much more difficult to get outside now. Then when you do, it takes more of a toll on your body. As an example, I rode out in the local singletrack, testing the XXIX again, and this left me with about a 2.5 mile ride out in the open to make it to work. I had decided to do all of this testing and tie it in with getting to work, you see. Anyway, I had that 2.5 mile ride in gusty head winds and up 3 good sized hills on the single speed. I suppose the windchill index was at or below zero, so it was brutal. Didn't think much about it then............

Well, after work, I had a conference with the daughters school teacher, so I dashed home on the bike, grabbed a bite to eat, and jogged four blocks down to the school. After that, I walked home and ate the evening meal. Then I crashed! Hard! That cold weather, head wind, and running around took it's toll. I'm telling you, if it had been nicer outside, I doubt I'd have been nearly as tired.

So, all of this to say, watch yourself out in the cold. If you are doing any outdoors activities this weekend, just keep in mind that your body has to work a little harder to stay warm, so that energy has to come from somewhere.

Don't get knocked out by the cold!

Have fun this weekend and ride your bikes people!

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