Saturday, November 18, 2006

It Finally Happened!

You may not realize this out there but Mr. 24 and I work in the same shop, live in the same town, and we both ride bikes alot but we have never ridden together,(other than a short commute to work once). Not once.

Well today it finally happened. We met up with some other like minded folks at Camp Ingawanis for some cold weather riding. The trails were dry, but they were covered in leaves and sticks. We couldn't see the sticks, roots, and sand traps either because of the fallen leaves. It made riding pretty interesting!

In all we had seven of us out there with three of us riding 29"ers. I was riding the F-29 C'dale which is working out pretty well now that the drivetrain problems have been solved! It took forever to get the cables to seat in. Either that, or the derailluer cables were pulling themselves past the anchor bolts, but I don't think so! I'll have more on that later.

Things were going along just peachy until Craig took a header at the end of a long descent. Went in like a lawn dart, he did! Well, we though he was seriously injured for a minute, but he shook it off and we rode on into the camp parking area, loaded up the rig, and I took him home. He had ridden up with Mr.24, so he had no vehicle. We saw Super Saul coming into the trails just as we were coming into the lot, so fresh troops were on their way in!

And speaking of troops, the local National Guard regiment was out on training in the field adjacent to the woods we were in. Automatic weapon fire is really loud and startling when you are in the woods! Makes me glad that I live in a free country where I don't have to deal with the real thing!

Hope you are having fun riding this weekend! (It's not too cold......really!)

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