Saturday, November 04, 2006

Keep Yer Hands Off!

Well, it looks like the "sanctioning" of the endurance racing scene is a distinct possibility. There is an online artical that explains it. However; the jist of this whole thing can be summed up in this paragraph from the article....

"All events added to the calendar must meet pro prize purse requirements specific to each calendar tier set by either the UCI or USA Cycling. The endurance calendar will be broken down into four separate tiers based on the amount of prize money and/or UCI points available at each event. Gravity events will fall into one of two tiers, while Ultra-endurance events will all be classified the same. "

So, the whole thing is going to hinge upon money. Money that promoters need to pony up a purse for the event winners. Money that promoters will need to pony up for NORBA to comply with thier rules and regulations. Money that is over and beyond what the already need to put on their events. And you know where that money is coming from?

You, the endurance racer. That is, if you can afford it. If you can't, then maybe some professional sponsored racers can, (admittedly, this doesn't really exist........yet!) Then you will see a whole different set of circumstances at the endurance races. Higher entry fees, lower classes having to clear the course for the pro classes, maybe running the event on different days, or on separate portions of the course that are more "media friendly" to accomodate sponsors and audiences.

Wait a minute..........................doesn't this all sound familiar?

Yeah, just go check out the next NORBA National XC event for your preview of how things could be.

I'm betting it won't go that way, but I could be wrong. What do you think?

Sound off!

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