Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Mary Comes For A Visit....

It all started like this. A box from the "Brown Santa".........

What should I find inside but a neatly wrapped and packaged frameset!

Once I got the warppings of her, I could say hello to Mary! (The XC version, that is)

Double butted chrome molybdenum goodness!

Some sexy looking chainstays on this here Mary!

Maybe she'll be a compliant ride because of this. We'll see!

I'm looking forward to getting this bike built up in the next weeks, (months!) depending upon when I can afford parts aquisitions! As I mentioned, this is the XC version of Haro's Mary 29"er series and it is geared only. I'll have to decide exactly how I'm going to go about it, but the plan is to do a 2 X 9 drivetrain on it. I'll also be keeping it rigid with the Bontrager Switchblade Race X Lite fork and a Salsa Shaft seat post, which I'll have to order in the 410mm X 31.6mm size to accomodate my long legs. Other decisions yet to be made, but I'll keep ya'all up to date on the progress!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, (to all who celebrate that holiday) and instead of pumpkin pie, how's about riding that bike!

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