Monday, November 13, 2006

Moving On Now......

Well, after the big Salsa weekend festivities I have to regroup and focus on the projects I have already in house. The weekend was great fun, but I'll admit, I didn't move around a whole bunch on Sunday!

The next project to tackle will be to measure out the Caffeine 29"er against it's listed specs to see what is going on there with that. Then I'll post up my initial ride review. To check out another riders viewpoint, see what Mr. 24 is saying about the bike. If you have not been following his take on it, I'll tell you up front that he's not liking the feeling of the wheels on this bike. I've been telling him it's the tires mostly, and the wheels weight secondly. Exi Wolfs: I'm afraid that these tires aren't cutting it with me and I am really disappointed with their high rolling resistance, especially when paired with the WTB tubes. The rear wheel is certainly quite heavy as well, lending to the "pedaling through mud" feeling that the bike has. I will say that the bike didn't have so much of that sensation in really technical terrain, but out on smooth trail, you really notice it.

Then there is some fork madness that I have to continue to test on. I'll have some more thoughts on the carbon rigid forks in house soon. I will post my thoughts on suspension forks, and a rigid fork replacement for the XXIX is going to be looked at.

So, never a lack for things to do around here! As long as it's not super cold and snowy, the testing shall continue! Over and out for now.................

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