Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thursday News and Views

Blogger News: Paddy Humenny found out what the delete button does and wiped out his entire history! he gets to start all over! More than most of us can say. Take a look and check out the points series he is proposing for those of you that are training over the winter. The contest runs through to the beginning of Trans Iowa V3.

Speaking of..........: Trans Iowa V3, Mr. 24 and I are asking for input on the date for the event. You all might also want to check out the site, as Mr. 24 has waved his html magic wand over the site and put up a fine new header.

Something Green Comes This Way: I got word that a frame and fork I have been expecting is finally on it's way. Keep your eyes peeled for something mean and green on this site soon! (Hint: it's a geared specific frame)

Caffiene 29"er Update: The Cannondale F-29 Caffeine is going to finally come back to me for some more riding time after being in the clutches of Mr. 24 for a bit. Some measurements, weights, and initial thoughts are to come. Stay tuned!

That's it for today, have a good one!

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