Saturday, November 11, 2006

Unplanned Fun

Have you ever had a day that turned into something that you never dreamed it would, in a fun way? Read on..........

The Plan: Salsa guys Jason and Mike were to come down with some sweet Salsa 29"er goodness to hit up the trails with myself and Captain Bob at Sugar Bottom near Iowa City, Ia. Mother Nature had other plans!

The Reality: I walked my daughter to school and saw that the skies were cloudy but there was no precipatation. Sure, it was thirty degrees colder than the previous three days, but it is November afterall! So what if it's in the high 30's? I get about three blocks away from the school, and notice that it's starting to rain, just a bit. I'm on my bike going to meet up with Captain Bob at the shop. A couple more's pouring rain in sheets! Not good! This means Sugar Bottom is out, 'cause they close it down at the mere hint of rain, and this was the kind of rain that you don't want to ride in anyway!

New Plan!: Waiting for the Salsa crew to show up, drying out at the shop, and chatting with Capt. Bob. Waiting at the call! Jason says it's snowing so bad he can not see! They are still coming, but will be late. So, Captain Bob and I setlle into our coffee/chat mode. call! Jason says, "Truck overturned in front of us! We're waiting on the 911 guys......" Yikes! Would they ever get here? Captain Bob and I decide that we're hungry and that we should deliver a bike to his cuz for testing, (the Caffeine 29"er) so we take off. It's snowing in town now. Things are getting nasty! Phone call! Jason and Mike made it! We make the new plan to eat in downtown Cedar Falls after the bike delivery goes down.

Unplanned Fun Begins!: Good Mexican food, new friends, and conversation on a snowy, nasty day in November. Hangin' out at bike shops. What could be more fun? Well, we could have been ridin', but this was fun we never would have had otherwise. Plus, we have Saturday to ride, so we're getting bonus fun! At least, that's the way I'm looking at it. I think it was a great time for all. We had alot of laughs, and learned alot about each other and where we come from. That's always cool. Making connections, getting to know new friends, and talkin' bikes.

Today, hopefully, the "plan" to ride will actually come together and I'll remember to take some pictures! Stay Tuned!

If'n ya caint ride yer!

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