Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Week Ahead and Beyond.....

This coming week looks to be an eventful one here at Guitar Ted Labratories. While I can not divulge all the surprises just yet, I will say that they will be interesting for 29"er afficiandos. That all should come to light later in the week and will be reported on here and on Twenty Nine Inches.

Thinking even further ahead, I will be getting all of the Trans Iowa recon done later this month. The loop idea for the course is going to make the recon alot easier than in years past. I won't have a five hour drive just to get to the start of the course, now it's an hour and a half. I'm excited to see the roads and I can't wait to get a feel for how it'll all come together in an event. Look for a report on the recon later in the month. There also will be announcements forthcoming as to when registration will open, and the exact dates of the event.

Testing has been getting squeezed in where I can get it. I have been working specifically on the carbon fork test and the XXIX ride testing. I should be posting an update on both of these subjects later in the month, as well. For now I will say that the forks are wonderful if they get on the right bikes and the XXIX is a much more complex nut to crack than I was thinking at first.

I just checked out our winter forecast for the outlook on riding conditions. It looks as though it might be okay through December. Then it's supposed to turn really cold in January. This means that if I'm lucky, testing might be able to continue on through Christmas, but I'll probably have to shut it down for a bit once we get any significant snow. We'll see. I'm usually relegated to gravel roads once it snows! Besides, if it gets really cold I can hardly ride well due to the clothing I have to wear to stay warm, so even if it doesn't snow, I could be riding minimally soon.

Either way, it's usually hit and miss for about three months before regular trail riding can commence again. That's in the future. This week should be fun! Stay tuned for some good stuff later this week!

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