Friday, September 07, 2007

Friday News and Views

Welcome to your regular end of the week bits and pieces. Here's some things that are on the radar here at Guitar Ted Laboratories.

The Tubeless Debate: Thanks to all who left comments on yesterdays tubeless vs. tubed post. I found a lot of enlightening comments. It would seem that we mountain bikers are all over the map when it comes to this subject. Personally, I am going to keep at it with the tubeless thing. In fact, I plan on doing a tubeless tire/wheel shoot out of sorts, since I have three "systems" available to me now to try out. Well, to be honest, I have already tried two of them, but the idea is to ride them back to back to back to see if there are indeed any differences/benefits to the tubeless ready systems versus a standard wheel set.

A Bike Is Born: I'll be throwing a leg over a new steed this weekend. I just about have it all assembled and the test rides will hopefully be positive. (You never know with a new bike build, even if you do the work yourself!) Assuming all goes well, there will be news posted later this weekend. Stay tuned!

Mr. 24 Gets High: Yes he does, using altitude this weekend at the Vapor Trail 125. Check out his recent blog posts and get the lowdown on it all. Just beware. That green and white Ergon rig is a bit eye rattling!

Mini Updates On Products: Here's some quickie thoughts on some accessories I am testing that I've posted on before. In no particular order: Bontrager Roll Bar multi tool; This thing flat out rocks! My favorite tool to throw in the pack by far. It is missing a Torx wrench for disc brake rotors, and the key ring gets in the way, (easily removed, by the way), but other than that, I love it. It feels soooo good to use this tool versus others it's crazy. Bontrager Rhythm Elite Saddle; I loved it, then I hated it, now I love it again. Really a great mountain biking saddle. Not so much on super long gravel grinders, ( but it does well in that capacity), just a smartly designed saddle that reminds me a lot of a cross between an old Selle San Marco Bontrager saddle and an original WTB SST saddle. If that sounds like it would fit your behind then grab this saddle. It's a winner, at least for me. Origin 8 Gary Bar: Like the "Space Bar", ( a knock off of an On One Mary bar) the "Gary" bar is pretty similar to it's roots and is stoutly constructed. Maybe a bit too radically sloped for some, I like it. I just wish it was of higher quality tubing for a more comfortable ride, but then it wouldn't cost $25.00 retail either! That said, it's going on my next bike.

Gravel Grinder Triple Crown: Trans Iowa- check! Dirty Kanza- check! Only one more event needs to be added to complete a vision for a gravel grinder triple crown here in the Mid West. Word is perculating that it might be in Nebraska. We'll see, but this is an idea that hatched not long after Jeff and I came out with Trans Iowa V1. We'll see if there is enough enthusiasm to carry the day. In the meantime, what should this look like? Obviously, the third event, should it come together, needs to follow in the same/similar vein as DK 200 and T.I.V4. Other than that, I'd say it needs to be at least 200 miles or more and within a month or two of DK 200, which is in mid-May. Give it some thought and comment here or shoot me an e-mail for more discussion off-line. Disclaimer: No! I am not promoting, organizing, nor do I have anything to do with this "future event". I am merely bouncing the idea off here to guage the audiences reactions to the "Triple Crown" idea. I do not even know if this will ever happen, I just think it's a neat idea.

Okay, the weekend weather looks to be ideal around here. Forget the football games, NASCAR, and baseball. Get out and ride a bike!

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