Sunday, September 23, 2007

Terminal Waiting Game

Well, I've made it to my first airport so far today and I am in the waiting mode. This is the part of travel that's kind of a bummer. Stuck in the secured area, and there's not much going on here. Well, it is Iowa after all!

So, it's surfing the web-o-sphere or reading. The real kicker is that it's an absolutely beautiful day out, and I can't ride a bicycle. Great!

At least I'm going to a place where bicycles will be plentiful and accessible for a week. Even though it's in one of the least desirable places on earth to go see a bicycle!

Okay, more exciting news to come, I'm sure, but I just wanted you all to see it's not all peaches and cream on this gig! (I'm sure you're all sympathizing with me now, ..........right?)

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