Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Interbike Rumors and More: Part II

Welcome to another edition of rumors and other bits and pieces of info that are streaming into Guitar Ted Laboratories.

Twin Six Gets Pub!: The good folks at Twin Six have managed to rise from the basement (literally) to some heady heights. Check out that jersey the young lady is sporting on the most recent cover of Bicycling. It's a Twin Six special edition Fat Cyclist jersey. You can follow the link and pick up one for yourself too. Proceeds go to fighting cancer, so it's a cool jersey two ways. Makes me proud to be a member of Team Twin Six. (Although I'm not sure how they feel about me being on the Team!)

Speaking of The Fat Cyclist... He's made something of himself now as he's a columnist for Bike Radar. You can check it out here. Congrats to a blogger that "made it". It gives us basement dwelling scribes something to look up to.

Rawland Cycles Update: I got this image of a complete Rawland Olaf single speed just yesterday. (You may remember my sneak peek post from a few days ago. It ended up on somehow) Anyway, the bikes will be shown at Interbike, so I'll get the lowdown on this 650B only company while I'm out there!

Look for these frames to be a pretty good bang for the buck and remember that there is a geared frame and fork also dubbed the "Sogn". Nice details with a retro bent, I like 'em!

Ellsworth Handcrafted Bicycles to Start Producing Wheels: Ellsworth makes some pretty nice bicycles and has a following amongst enduro freaks because of their full suspension designs including the beautiful and spendy Ellsworth Evolve 29"er. Well now they are delving into wheel set production and will be unveiling a line of 26 inch and 29 inch wheel sets at Interbike. Besides being typically blingy, with all the carbon fiber in the 26 inch wheel, Ellsworth claims that they are optimizing the performance of these wheels to give the rider a better platform than traditional wheels. A 29"er aluminum wheel set will also be a part of the line up. I'll dig into this at Interbike to get the lowdown.

Welcome To The "Blogosphere" Mates!: Salsa Cycles has been producing a "blog" in the typical manufacturer/company mold for sometime now called the Amigos Blog. A blog that is simply a one way street in terms of what most blogs are. Well, not anymore, Buster! Salsa took the lid off Amigos Blog version II on Monday and is allowing comments and is being interactive with folks. Check it out and leave them a comment to let them know you were by to visit. It's a rare thing to have a bicycle company do this, so it's kind of a big deal, ya know?

Okay, so I'm eating a healthy dish of crow for saying last week that the rumor mill would dry up pre-Interbike. Well, maybe not rumors so much as it is leakage. Whatever! It's all good and I'll be bringing on whatever I find in the next few days. Stay Tuned!

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