Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Interbike Rumors and More

Today I have a couple more rumors leaking from Interbike and an explanation for an unexplained phenomena for you. Read on!

Fat, Wide, and Girthy!: I posted on this one at Twenty Nine Inches the other day. There is a new line of rims coming out that should be oustanding for those looking to put a "Bigfoot" sized footprint on terra firma with their 29"ers. In fact, with the new really fat rubber coming out and these rims, it's possible that a lot of bikes won't be able to take on the combination. For the bikes that can, they will roll on like a monster truck at a southern county fair over anything in their way. Look out! More from Interbike where these will be released!

Long, Squishy, and Adjustable!: I'm reading some leakage that claims Rock Shox will have a Reba with U-Turn for 29"ers and will introduce it as an OEM product for Niner Bikes. If that is true, it would be the answer to a lot of Rock Shox loving 29"er freaks and be a huge score for Niner Bikes to have that available to them first. I know that a lot of people will groan though, wishing that Rock Shox had done this in a Pike or Lyrik platform instead. Well, the show ain't even started yet, so quit yer snivelin'!

The "All American Beer For Single Speeders": In the past couple of years I have noted a resurgence in the popularity of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, especially amongst single speed freaks. Now I'll be honest, I always thought "PBR" was a rather crappy beer. (You know it's not too great when even college kids refused it!) So I was a bit surprised to see this in light of all the really great brews out there these days. I admit it. I just didn't get it. And I even single speed!

Okay, so along comes this on Bicycle Retailer and Industry News website today. It's their "Quote of the Day". (They have some pretty bizzarre stuff on there, by the way) It helps me to "get it", but it doesn't make PBR taste any better!

"These are harsh times and it calls for a harsh beer. Pabst Blue Ribbon is just the thing. It is not shoved down your throat with multi-million dollar mass marketing, it is simply a decent cheap beer. This beer is America whether you like it or not. It is real for what that is worth anymore." -Published last year in the Oakland Tribune

I'll buy that. If that's what the single speeders are trying to celebrate here, I say hoist yer PBR high and enjoy! (Only if you are of legal age, mind you!) Me? I'll stick to my Guinness, thank you!

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