Saturday, September 22, 2007

Last Day On This Planet

Heh heh! Yep...............last day in the real world for me. Tomorrow it's off to that plastic, fantastic, neon forrest called Las Vegas. I should arrive there around 11pm. if all the flights go as planned. Just one stop in Denver this time and there shouldn't be any waiting around since it's not a "stand by" flight. Leaving around 3:30pm Iowa time.

Today will be some preparation and final packing. I've got to help a friend put a lawn tractor back together this afternoon and then I play in the church band tonight/tomorrow morning. So, I'll be busy, no time to sit around much.

I'm looking forward to meeting Mr. 24 out there and discussing all of his Rocky Mountain adventures. I'll be hitting up some other industry folks out there too. Twin Six, Salsa, and Niner will all have folks out there I want to see again and touch base with. There are others too that I want to see. Of course all the bikes and stuff will be upper most in my mind.......well.......that's if I stay away from all the free beer! I've been to Interbike of old and Interbike last year. This one looks to be a bit more like an old skool Interbike from the looks of the schedule which shows me a lot of places to get a tall cool one gratis. Even German beer! Hmm.........might have to hit that one up at least.

So, look for some erratic posting over the next week. (Not because I'm hung over, because I'm busy!) In the meantime, see if you can't stay away from your computer more than usual next week and fill that time in with riding your bikes.

See ya later world!

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