Sunday, September 09, 2007

Things That Make Me Smile

Paging through Dirt Rag's latest issue #130, I came across this Surly add.

I know that there are a few guys on board at Surly that dig the whole Trans Iowa scene, so this made me smile. (Thanks by the way!)

Some other things that are making me smile: My custom single speed is done and I'm riding it today. That frees me up to start concentrating on the Badger, and that makes me smile. It'll be awhile before that bike gets done though. Oh, and I wonder how the Lincoln Folks did on their 155 ride yesterday. That makes me smile too. Then there's Mr. 24 out at the Vapor Trail 125, and the thought of my good buddy riding Colorado high single track makes me smile too.

Then there are my kids, and they almost always make me smile. And my wife, she does too. Lots of things to be smiling about.

Hey! Is that the sun peeking through out there? Looks like a great day to ride. See ya later. Have yourself a great end of the weekend!

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