Thursday, September 27, 2007

Tough Day Gets Better

Interbike for us blogger/web based media is all about getting your content up as fast a possible. So to have any sort of delay is a big headache. Let me tell you, I had multiple delays yesterday!

I got some great content to post in the morning that I had headed over to the media center to post. Then I found out I was to be on Cyclingnews T.V. to be on a panel that was getting interviewed about new media at Interbike. big deal. I had time to post before I had to be on camera. Then I had problems relating to getting hooked up to the WiFi at the convention center. That took my stress levels up a bit. After finlly getting that done, I had problems with my photo upload program. (Turns out something was missing in the chain that we got figured out later) Well, it's about time now to get on camera, and I still haven't gotten the content up yet!

After appearing on the show, I got my web stuff figured out, but some dude comes up and basically gives me the 100 question interview, taking even more time for me to get going. Ahhh! The madness!

All turned out better in the afternoon, and Jenson U.S.A. took us out for dinner that night, so that was a big relaxation for me. (Thanks Jenson guys!)

Just part of being in the machine of Interbike. Today: Breakfast with Salsa Crew!


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