Tuesday, October 21, 2008

And Now For Something Completely Different!

I am a bit tired of doing all the "serious" posts of late. So, I decided I needed a bit of relief from all of that. Today I am going to download some pics that I would not normally use, but I felt were a good foil for all the "seriousness" of late around here.

<====Arleigh "Arsbars" Jenkins: "What is that word I'm looking for?!! Can't.........think.........of.......it! Arrrgh!"

By the way, this was taken in the dining area of the house Crooked Cog rented in Vegas. Totally locked into the 1960's as far as interior design. I think the walls were really a different color to begin with, but everything looked like it had a fine film of "nicotine stain yellow" to it. Thankfully, the place didn't smell of it!

<==== Fall color landscape.

Ahhh! The fall of 2008 has been a pretty sedate and decent one around these parts. Just what a fall season should be so far. Plenty of warm sunny days, cool nights, and just enough rain to keep things real. And the colors have been pretty decent if not spectacular at times. Hopefully the end of fall is extended a bit before we have to put on so many layers of clothing that cycling becomes like putting mummies on two wheels in the woods! And as for that white stuff? Bleccch! Keep that away for as long as possible too. Ahhh........yeah, I suppose a little of it is fun to ride in for awhile, but I still haven't quite gotten over last winter yet, I suppose.

<==== I was Commuter before Commuter was cool.

I know that none of my readers ever listened to Country Music.........ever! But there used to be a song, I think it was Barbara Mandrel, anyway....it was called "I Was Country Before Country Was Cool" (Yes....I could Google that......but I ain't gonna!) So, yeah......this bike reminds me of that song. It is my co-worker Joel's bike. A Raleigh Professional that he has had in fixie mode and on 650B wheels for at least 10 years or longer. Waaay before all this "urban hipster", commuter cool crap came around. We're talkin' the gen-u-wine issue here folks! I mean, take a look at this picture. Those rust spots? Yeah.........he earned 'em baby. The hard way!

<===You wanna piece of this? C'mon! Bring it on!

Captain Bob and MTBidwell at the Flat Tire Fest. These guys are part of a very small crew that does everything for mountain biking at Camp Ingawanis. I mean everything! There are only about three other guys that really pitch in, and that isn't too cool for as good as the biking is out there. So, if you want to have something that is arguably three times as good as any dirt around here, and at least on par with anything in the state, why don't you get on board with the IMBA, (That's Ingawanis Mountain Bike Association) for next year and pitch in. (I'm talkin' to the locals here) Price for entry is ridiculously low, and a few hours of your time would do wonders on a trail day. Besides, you get to ride your bike out there on those days. So really, why wouldn't you do it?

All right......maybe that was serious! (It was)

<=== I'll take mine medium rare there Chris! Okay, thanks bud! You're fantastic, really!

Yes, there really is a guy named Chris King, and that be him bar-b-cuing up some fine slabs-o-beef there at Interbike's Outdoor Demo. Those big hunks were sliced up and made into some awesome sandwiches which I ate up rather greedily. You see, I was pretty hungry after working like crazy riding bikes all day in the heat and dust. Did I mention that I scored a free Dale's Pale Ale too? No? Well, thanks to Chris King, "The Other Chris At Chris King" ( That's Chris De Stefano, by the way) and everybody involved there for some fantastic grub and good times. (I wonder who polishes all the smoke residue off the display items afterwards? Hmmm.....) Anyway...It's not everyday you can get a Mountain Bike Hall Of Fame member to cook up yer grub for ya!

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