Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday News And Views

UST 29"er Tires: The UST barrier has been finally crossed for 29"er tires with the introduction of the Saguaro UST. Geax also has introduced a "TNT" version, which is a tubeless ready concept tire. You can use it tubeless, but it requires sealant to keep the air in the tire. UST Saguaros will not require any sealant.
I have a set of each for testing on Twenty Nine Inches, so updates will happen over there. I will say that the TNT version fits so dang tight that I can not mount it on a Bontrager Tubeless Ready Race X Lite rim. No way! I barely got the thing on a Salsa Delgado Disc rim last night and I will let it stretch there before I try to mount it on another tubeless wheel I have. Crazy! The TNT version fits even tighter than the full UST version, which really surprised me.
The Waiting Listers Are Restless!: In Trans Iowa news, I have found that the waiting listers are restless, wanting to know their place in line, and wondering when they will get on the roster. Will I post a "Waiting List" Well, no.......I won't post a list. I might e-mail you back with your place in line later. It is not a priority for me. I'm doing it as a favor, and as always, the less work the better for me concerning Trans Iowa. Maintaining this Waiting List needs to be simple, or it won't happen. I've got waaaay too many other irons in the fire as it is. So posting a list for the world to see isn't a high priority for me, plus, it wouldn't change anything, nor help anybody. You are on the Waiting List if you do not see your name on the roster. I will confirm your post cards arrival via e-mail when I have a chance, but that is it. Otherwise, you'll have to wait to hear from me when/if a spot becomes available. If that doesn't suit you, then e-mail me and let me know that you will not want to be on the list. I'm okay with that, ' know! It makes it easier for me! Not to be harsh, but that is my reality.
Also, we are currently about to announce a new sponsor for Trans Iowa that will be supplying a killer prize for the winner overall. I can not say anything more at the moment. Trans Iowa isn't about prizing, as we have said, but his deal would certainly sweeten the pot! Stay tuned, we'll announce something when we can.
Camp Ingawanis News: For those locals that are familiar with Camp Ingawanis' mountain biking, here is the scoop for your late fall riding opportunities. From an e-mail circulated by IMBA: "The North Side of Camp is open for riding all day every day.South Side remains off limits during hunting season except for after 7o'clock pm. Bring your lights!" Also, the spring race is confirmed in the IORCA series once again, so look for updates on hat on the site linked above in the future.
Finally, the "Turkey Burn III" is going to happen up at the Camp a week from this Saturday, so you locals should make plans to show up and ride the Camp's North Side trails and enjoy some end of the year camaraderie. See you there!

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