Saturday, November 29, 2008

Turkey Burn Today

Today is the "Turkey Burn III" up at Camp Ingawanis. I'm going to be riding a single speed for the better part of the day up there, which should prove to be interesting, given my latest "funk" that I've been in.
I made a change in wheel sets to the Edge Composites wheels that I had on the Badger for awhile. I figured using them in a single speed situation would put a bit more stress on them. Maybe I'll bottom out the rims here and there on some roots too, which will be good for testing purposes. We'll see. I have to survive riding a single speed first off!
I may be bringing out my El Mariachi today too. I have that set up differently now with a Bontrager Switchblade fork and Race X Lite wheels set up with Specialized Fast Trak LK's tubeless. It's a "go fast" set up for sure. Those Fast Traks are skinny and the wheels are light. Plus, it has gears! Might be a bail out solution should the single speed prove too demanding today for my weakened condition. Or whatever is going on with me.
I have been feeling better the last two days, so no alarms going off here, just not up to snuff in terms of my bodies performance lately and I am a bit concerned. I "ran" with my son around the block on Thanksgiving about three times. I call it "kid intervals", since he runs for a bit, then stops or walks, then runs again. Anyway, I felt a lot better in terms of my legs afterwards, so that was good.
I'll have a complete report from the "Turkey Burn III" with pics coming up Sunday, so stay tuned!

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