Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Getting A Piece Of The Pie!

<===The first entry for T.I.V5 came with a pizza attached!

So, there I was, trying to make the best out of an exceptionally slow November day in a bicycle shop when the front door opens. in walks a young man with one of those insulated bags held in one hand by a strap that anyone could easily recognize as a pizza bag.

I'm thinking, "Maybe the pizza joint down the strip here has an abandoned pizza." Sometimes our neighboring pizza place gives us a pie that folks order but never pick up, or one that they make wrong. It's rare, but I've seen it happen. I mean, why else is a pizza guy here? There were only three of us working, one of us was out running errands and my boss would never order pizza for the staff. Nope.......never.

Then I'm thinking maybe he did. But just then, the guy with the pizza says, "You know anything about this pizza being delivered? Anybody call you?" Of course, I didn't know a thing about it. Well, it turns out that the pizza guy was a bit befuddled too, "Yeah, some guy called in and ordered this. Said something about a race and gave us some information?...."

Oh's all coming together for me now!

<===The goods.
A public thanks for the strangest Trans Iowa entry...........yet.
Oh yeah! I shared. It was very good too, by the way. There was only one issue I had with this though.
There wasn't enough beer with it!
Stay tuned! More Trans Iowa entries should be showing up today and I'll be busy updating the roster at the site later this evening.
Thanks again Mr. Armstrong! (T.I.V4 veteran)

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