Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Owls And Otters: A Fargo Adventure

Sorry about the lack of a Wednesday post, but the reason why will be documented here and tomorrow. Thanks for reading, as always....

<=== The only pic I got from Wednesday, since my camera was buried in my gear, the single track was too fun, and well.......the Twin Six guys are camera shy!
Well I got back from a most excellent two days of cycling goodness up north. With the absolutely fantastic weather, it was a two day trip to remember for sure!

First I picked up Captain Bob and we high tailed it up north with our gear and two single speeds in tow. First stop was Ben Witt's Milltown Cycles (Home Of The 36"ers). The Captain and I found Ben in good spirits and willing, (as always) to chat about his cycling projects and goings on. After we both took a 36"er for a short, grin inducing spin, we headed back north again to rendezvous with Brent and Ryan of Twin Six . We met up at Murphy-Hanrahan park for a lap through all of the single track offerings there. It was stellar to say the least. Plus, we got to check out "61 Skinny", but I'm tellin' ya, I ain't ridin' that thing anytime soon.

After Ryan had to split to vote, Brent, Captain Bob, and I went to Twin Six World Headquarters for a bit to hang out. When Brent had taken care of some business, we split for a local pub called the Chatterbox for some killer grub and suds. Captain Bob ordered the most amazing mac and cheese I ever saw. (Really! You wouldn't believe it unless you saw it!) After hanging out with Brent for the early part of the evening, Captain Bob and I headed over to Salsa honch, Jason Boucher's joint to get the briefing on what we were going to do the next day. Well, we found out we had some wrenching to do on the rigs we would be riding. Captain Bob and I would both be piloting Fargos with some of the rest of the QBP gang.

We wrenched in a garage with an open door like it was July or something. Weird weather! After getting everything dialed in, Captain Bob and Jason did a bit of geeking over some camera equipment, while I stood twiddling my thumbs. I mean these guys were seriously geeking out. They both have the shutterbug pretty bad!

So after a post midnight goodnight, I settled in for five hours of shut eye before our little adventure was to begin. I was awakened by the sound of my cell phone alarm at 5:20am and walked out to the garage to open the door to outside. As the door opened I thought I saw a flash. Like a camera flash. Still a bit groggy, I chalked it up to my half concious state and went about my business.However; by the time we got loaded and on our way around 6am, we were all seeing flashes of lightning. When we were gearing up and to ride in the pre-dawn dark, it started in, slight "piddles" at first, then as we began to ride it came in as a full on rain. Jason kept saying, "it's going to be fine." and then it would rain harder. We turned around in to go back to the lot we started from to see if anybody else was showing up to meet us. It was at this point I thought our day was sunk. I was getting rained on, it was windy, and I was starting to get soaked through.

Stay tuned for Part II Friday.........
<===Fargo and friends parked along the Minnesota River. Find out what these bikes and their riders were up to in the woods on a Wednesday morning tomorrow!

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