Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Trans Iowa Post Card Madness: In Pictures!

Some examples of the Trans Iowa V5 post cards here. These are some of my favorites, and I thought it would be fun to share this with you all. Why should I have all the fun, right?

This example above is representative of the "primitive" type cards I got. I like the simple charm of them.

Here we have a good example of what I call the "artistic" type, homemade cards. The top one is a photo taken by J-Kove hisself, the originator of all this Trans Iowa madness!

Here we have examples of cards that come in with messages that show me a lot of you "get it" when it comes to things like Trans Iowa.

Once in awhile I get cards like these. Either they are a reflection of how the entrant feels about what it is like to go through a Trans Iowa, or it is a representation of what goes on inside their chamois.......or maybe it's both!

This was one of my favorites and got the "Mrs. Guitar Ted's Choice Award". Congrats!

Local rider Jeremy Fry goes by the nic-name "Fat Albert", or just "Fatty", so now you understand what the meaning here is. Oh is a real sixer of Fat Tire Ale! Purty classy for an oaf like me!

Okay, here are my nominees for the two best Trans Iowa V5 post cards. The one on the left is by Gary Cale, who did the now infamous "Kick In The Junk" artwork from T.I.V4, which I featured last week on the blog here. Michael Beck does a take off on that "kick" theme with his offering on the right, entitled "Kickin' It Hard". I'm pretty torn between these two cards, so ya'all have ta help me out here.

Who wins?

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