Monday, November 10, 2008

Trans Iowa Registration To Open Tomorrow!

Well, I'm betting there are a few post cards in the USPS hopper on their way to the shop tomorrow for T.I.V5 . Registration for past participants only will be taking place starting then for a week. then on the 17th we'll take on any cards from folks wanting in until the roster is filled, (I'm betting that won't take long.) or until November 24th when registration closes. (Not likely to get that far) Oh yeah! Make sure I can read your post cards folks! Illegible cards won't make the roster and I am the judge on that. Make it look good, okay?

In other Trans Iowa news: Recon of a short section of the course had to be postponed due to last weeks storm and wetness. There is about a 20 mile section that we want to look at that might become a bit of a re-route. It won't affect the overall mileage much if at all. We're just looking for better roads and safer in this particular area than we have chosen now. Not that they are bad as is, just not up to our standards, if you will.

Otherwise the course is pretty much locked in as of now. We are considering a complete drive of the course again later on to ascertain the soundness of the roads before the event. This will happen if and when we can get out there, most likely next spring.

Work continues on sponsors for this years event. The latest sponsor to be announced is our good friends at Twin Six. Trans Iowa founder, Jeff Kerkove started rockin' The 6 about as soon as Ryan and Brent fired up their first t-shirt designs back in the day. Of course Jeff spread the love and infected me and several others back then, so Twin Six is old hat for us. We love the stuff. You should too. Click the link. Check out the latest. Did I mention that they are finally doing wool? No? (Insider tip: Want to make Brent squeal like a school girl? Give him a "dude hug". Tell him Guitar Ted sent ya!)

<=== Milwaukee Bicycle Company 29"er

In other happenings: Milwaukee Bicycle Company's 29"er is out here getting thrashed in the woods for Twenty Nine Inches. I got a chance to sneak out for a ride on Sunday in the 25 degree temperatures we experienced. I hit up the Green Belt and checked out the MBC 29"er on my "back yard" trails. It's a pretty springy, comfortable bike. I'm still dialing in the saddle yet, (Note the wonky angle of the saddle in the pic. Hey! It actually felt comfy this way!)

I'll be testing this sweet rig for a bit, so if you see something dirty and white fly by, that's me! (Some would say I'm dirty and white without the bicycle, but that's another subject!) This time out I found that my legs weren't quite with the program. I felt sluggish, not really motivated. I decided to not push the issue and just cruise. I wanted to dial in the set up on this bike, so any time I could put in would be useful to me in that way. I stopped a couple of times to adjust the saddle angle and then went on my way.

I crossed Ridgeway and dove into the "upper trail" to the left there right after entering the section south of Ridgeway. I made my way through, stopping to hike over a couple of downed trees along the way. In one spot, I actually re-routed the corner around a dead fall. It should be a better way around and will avoid dealing with a near impossible hike-a-bike over a dead fall. Not much, but I do my part where I can!

Well, all this fooling around ate into my sunlight. I only had a commuter light with me to get me home once I exited the Green Belt. I saw the first signs of fading light and put down the hammer. Strangely enough, the legs responded well and I made decent time home. Good thing too, because darkness falls real quick this time of year. Almost startingly quick!

This week is supposed to moderate in temperature up into the 40's for daytime highs. I will be testing again on Wednesday and I hope the weather holds out! Yesterday was borderline too cold to get much done, but I'll take what I can get this time of the year!

Stay tuned to the Trans Iowa site for roster updates starting tomorrow night!

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