Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wednesday News And Views

Test Session Today: Today I've got some things planned that I hope pan out. Twenty Nine Inches has a lot going on right now and I need to get some stuff ridden today up at the Camp. The bikes are ready and so am I. I just hope the weather does what they predicted and the riding is good. Here's what is on tap........

Salsa Fargo: This bike is on test and I have "evolved" it a bit more with the conversion to a 180mm front rotor, and tubeless Geax Saguaro tires on Mavic Cr29max wheels. I want to get some "real" single track testing done. (Not that I don't already know the answer I'll get on this!) After that, the Fargo will go into commuter/touring mode where I'll rack and fender the bike up to see how versatile this bike really is.

Fisher HiFi Deluxe with Rock Shox Reba Team 120mm fork: It seems that the "natives are restless" and want to know more about the combination of the new Reba fork with the HiFi platform. They want hard numbers, they want ride performance feed back, and they want it now! Well, I aim to please, so I'll be finding out what I need to know to satisfy their desires today out at the Camp.

Turkey Burn III: Speaking of the Camp, if you are a local and can peel yerself outta the sack early enough, come on out and enjoy this little group ride planned for Saturday, November 29th at 8:00 am until Noon. I will be planning on being there testing some more product. (Most likely the Milwaukee Bicycle Company 29"er. ) This is a fun ride and may be the last hurrah of 2008 as far as any get togethers on bikes are concerned. Certainly it was last year, since after the 2007 Turkey Burn Ride we had about 3 inches of slush come down, freeze into a rock hard layer and not leave us until late March of this year. That effectively shut down the off roading here for a long time!

These Times Are A Changin': Well, you are pretty insulated, blind, and/or deaf if you don't know that the economic upheavals are going on now. Nobody likes change, but it happens every so often in this economy of ours. How does this affect cycling? Well, it probably won't much. Here's why: Traditionally cycling weathers economic storms rather well. I don't know that anyone has a definite answer as to why that is, but take a look at recent history. The 70's were marked by several economic upheavals, yet one of cycling's biggest booms occurred in that decade. The 80's started out really glum, yet a certain "new" cycling fad was introduced and flourished. It was not squashed by the economics of the day, although it was probably not the best time for it to take off in light of the economic turmoil that went on then. What was "it"? Mountain bikes.

Are we in for another boom time in cycling? Maybe. Gas prices over the last three years have helped spark a resurgence in urban cycling for sure that seems to have taken root and grown. Gas prices are now at all time lows, which hasn't seemed to slow things up much, at least not where I'm working. We'll see, but I think it's fair to say that cycling will survive, and has a great chance at thriving during this time of change and upheaval.

Which brings me to.... Tomorrow we stop to do something that maybe we all ought to take pause and really concentrate on. Giving thanks. Yeah....there are lots of reasons to grumble. Jobs lost, stocks losing value, and a general fear has gripped many. But, do you realize there are millions that would take your place in a heartbeat? Millions that are suffering far worse fates than you who may have lost part of your retirement, lost a job, or a house. We still are a rich, rich nation folks. In the overall perspective of things, we have so much to be thankful for that we should, and could go on about that all year long. If you are a cyclist, and you can get out on a ride in the next few days, clear your head of all the cultural hoopla for a bit, and give thanks for the blessings you have. Can't think of anything? Here.....let me help you out! Check out that thing you're riding, and think of your ability to ride it. There's two things to be thankful for right there, ya ninny!

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving Holiday!

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