Saturday, February 19, 2011

Frostbike '11: Update

A brief update from Northfield, Minnesota.......
  • Ben Witt's snow bike is psick!! I have images, but so as not to steal his joy of first showing it off, I will reserve those for later. Trust me on this though, you haven't seen one like this and it will blow your socks off.
  • Mike's Bikes was awesome once again. Bikes were ridden indoors and so fast that a "blue groove" was created around each corner. 
  • The mechanics of Mike's Bikes and Milltown Cycles are a psychotic, bike torturing cadre' the likes which have not been seen before. (I have images and will post them!)
  • Greek pizza is perhaps the best pizza I've ever eaten.
It's dang cold up here, and Sunday there is a inter storm watch in effect. Will I make it home? Stay tuned....

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