Sunday, February 06, 2011

Good News

Two bits of good news reached me recently that made my day on Friday. The first has to do with the Snow Dog.

Ben Witt's rear wheel, (which I have been thoroughly abusing, as you can see..), will finally be going back to him soon. The Phil Wood & Co. e-mailed Friday saying that the Snow Dog's rear wheel has been repaired and was to be shipped out that day.

Hopefully this means that my wheel will be back by the latter half of this coming week. This will give me plenty of time to clean up Ben's wheel so it is all spiffy and will look good when I hand it off to him when I go to Frostbike on the 18th.

The second bit of good news has to do with the BMC cross rig.....

I hear that the frames will be received into Mike Varley's shop Monday. He'll certainly have to do a bit of scrambling, what with bookkeeping, etc, but it looks like this frame will be coming out within the next week or so, I would think.

I've been perusing parts to put on this rig and it should go together rather quickly. Afterward, it will be getting a high dosage of gravel road diet whenever possible in preparation for the Dirty Kanza 200. I also will be looking at using it at CIRREM if the roads are solid and not icy, otherwise I will be looking at using The Snow Dog, just because!

Hopefully your weekend is going well and you are getting outdoors before the next deep freeze hits Monday!

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Steve Fuller said...

I haven't ridden south of town much, but the roads north of here are in really good shape. I might try and get out for a ride down south before CIRREM just to see what shape things are in