Saturday, February 26, 2011

Trans Iowa V7 Update #16: Volunteers And Other Details

<===The Starting Line will be here again for T.I.V7

Update #16: Volunteers And Other Details: Well, believe it or not, but there are less than two months to go until T.I.V7 kicks off in Grinnell Iowa. Here is where we are at with regards to a few things....

Volunteers: We have all we need to get T.I.V7 running smoothly. Thanks to everyone that volunteered, (and please do show up at the Pre-Race Meat-Up!) Remember, you can opt in to T.I.V8 in 2012 if you so desire by completing your volunteering in T.I.V7. d.p. and I thank you all!

Drop Outs: Inevitably some of you will need to drop out from Trans Iowa for various reasons. It is super important that you e-mail me as soon as possible to let me know. d.p. and I will be getting in to the race preparation mode, spending money on things like race numbers, supplies, and getting a head count for the pre-race deal. So, even though you may not think it is important, it is! Don't leave us hanging with extra work done for no-shows.

Finish Line: It is looking like we may have to come up with an alternative plan for the finish line due to the Easter holiday. This isn't a huge deal, but our expectations have been lowered to keep more options on the table. Stay tuned for a final determination to be made very soon on this matter.

Finally, this will be a short version of a T.I.V7 update! The only thing I have left to add is that all folks on the roster should expect an e-mail in the coming week or two asking about the pre-race attendance and meal options. Stay tuned for that in your in-boxes.

Happy Training! See you soon!

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