Saturday, June 18, 2011

Black Coffee At Home

Coca Cola In The Bottle!
Making it home was awesome on Friday evening. We were so glad to walk through that door after over 3900 miles of windshield time in less than two weeks.

The trip home was thankfully uneventful. Other than monitoring a slow leak in one of the vehicle's tires, we had no real drama.  That left us to enjoy some of the little things in life.

Like full strength Coca Cola ice cold from the bottle!  I had to buy it, since I can not remember the last time I ever had Coca Cola in a glass bottle. It's been a long, long time ago. Does it make a difference? If you need to ask, you just won't get it. Want some? Maybe you can get it elsewhere, but I bought this bottle in Tularosa, New Mexico for a $1.59. Worth every penny. I'm saving the bottle cap for my head set YAWYD cap from Niner Bikes.

New Mexican Windmill
I played my little game of trying to capture windmills from the seat of our speeding vehicle. Some of the images didn't come out too bad.

The first day I missed a lot of really good ones since Mrs. Guitar Ted couldn't stay awake behind the wheel and I ended up driving most of the day. That's cool. I'd rather that we were all alive instead of dead with great windmill images!

We over-nighted in Liberal, Kansas once again, setting up a longer second day of driving than I normally like to have. Normally I would have tried to get us to Wichita, Kansas, but we got a late start from El Paso, so we didn't feel like pushing it into the night on Kansas two lane highways in the dark

Early Morning Drive Eastward
Kansas two lane. Yeah....... What can I say? Trains, oil pumping from wells, and wind blasted range lands.

The road traffic was pretty heavy. Lots of trucks use this highway, (HWY 54), and getting around them is no easy task. Then you have the inevitable slow downs through small villages and towns.

I really don't mind this, since it is actually very much more interesting than interstate travel is! At least there is some contact with the culture and geography, which generally you just speed by while traveling the interstates.

The vacation is over now, and it is back to bicycles again. Hope you all are having a great weekend. One last windmill shot from Kansas for you.....

Barbed Wire And A Windmill

Ride your bikes! Take some pictures! Have some fun!

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shiggy said...

I guess the hispanic population is low in Iowa. We have Mexican Coke in nearly every store in NCWashington