Wednesday, June 29, 2011

British Mud And Minnesota Pavement

British Mud: I was recently contacted by one David Atkinson regarding a little film project he recently finished up. It was about the 29"er company, Singular Cycles and their experiences racing at the 2010 "Dusk 'Til Dawn" event in the U.K.

I've often heard about how it can be very wet, very muddy, and messy for off roaders in Britain. I think David's film shows us that don't know a bit of how it really is there....

Singular at Dusk 'Til Dawn from David Atkinson on Vimeo.

This also is about Sam at Singular Cycles too, and since I own a Singular Gryphon, it maybe is a bit more interesting to me from that perspective. At any rate, hope ya enjoy that....

Minnesota Pavement: My good friend in Minnesota, Ben Witt, runs Milltown Cycles, and every 4th Of July, his shop sponsors a criterium on the streets of Ben's hometown of Northfield, Minnesota.

Race Flyer- Click To Enlarge
I needed to get myself and Mrs. Guitar Ted up to visit Ben and his wife, so I thought, "Hey! Why not volunteer to help out with this deal?"

So, I called Ben and asked if he needed some help. He obviously said yes, and so I will be doing something in Northfield on the 4th of July to help out with this thing.

It can't be all bad, I mean, it has to do with bicycles, right? Plus, I figured it was another good way to give something back to the sport of cycling, which I love.

Now, while watching grown men and women go speeding around a closed course is very fun to watch, I wouldn't want to be "them". Just sayin'. I have adopted the saying of my old co-worker, Jeff Kerkove, who used to say all the time: "The Road Is The Devil." Yup, and I'd go along with that, at least for my tastes in cycling, but it is cool if ya'all like it out there. I get that. I might like it better if they'd get rid of those pesky cars and trucks, what clogs up the works, and get used as weapons......


But I digress... I'll be looking forward to seeing my friends, and if you have a mind to grind some gravel, I am bringing a bike, and maybe....... We'll see. It should be a blast either way.

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