Tuesday, June 07, 2011


So, the second leg of the trip went down without issue and we are in El Paso, Texas where it is sunny, hot, and very dry.

What state was this again?
But there was more cool scenery before this was spotted at the Texas/New Mexico border just north of El Paso.

Coming off the pass on 54
Gotta love the mountains. I hope to get out in the Franklin Mountains while I'm here. I shot a bunch of images of scenery on the southern end of the route which I will have to wait to play with when I get back. It's just way to tedious to do on the Mac Book here.

Look for some spotty posts this week. I'll be busy doing the vacation thing. But I did see a few things of interest concerning bicycles that I wanted to share.

On One, whom I knew was working on a fat bike idea, actually leaked the project yesterday by showing the chain stay assembly on their Facebook page. So.....this is going to get really interesting, since On One is going to use the supposedly "ripped off" 170mm OD standard. This will be also interesting, since it puts that axle dimension in the "majority", of snow bike offerings, if it actually comes out. (I don't see why it wouldn't at this point, but On One has a lot of ideas floating out there without many things for sale.) I'll be keeping tabs on this, since I happen to like Fat Bikes.

Speaking of which, no: I have not gotten my wheel back yet. Last I heard the free hubs had come in, (FINALLY), at Phil Wood, and the wheel had to be signed off on by the engineers there before they'd ship it. That was over a week ago now. And time marches on.......

Next, in a bomb shell of an announcement, Steve Domahidy, one of the principals in Niner Bikes, has left the company. The story is that he is staying in the industry, so it'll be interesting to see where he lands next. He's an engineer/product developer sort of dude, so all eyes will be watching his next job landing with interest, I think.

Well, more when I get around to it.....

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