Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday News And Views

Moar Carbon
Niner Bikes Carbon JET 9: By now ya'all have probably seen this image of what is part of the new Carbon Jet 9 from Niner Bikes. Carbon.....It's What Is On The Menu For 29"ers For 2012.

Well, seemingly that looks to be the case. I also saw what might be a bigger, AM-ish carbon 29"er from another company on Twitter recently as well. Is this the way of the future for mountain bikes and specifically, 29"ers?

While carbon fiber seems to be the "material du jour" these days, I don't think it's going to supplant other materials any day soon. It just seems that way now. Heck, given that some air plane companies big military contract might be granted, and we might just see carbon fiber frame development curtailed a bit. Also, I figure there will always be those that will never trust a carbon fiber frame, so aluminum and steel will still be showing up at the trail heads for a long, long time.

I will say that the prices some of these frames fetch is a bit suspect, but maybe that's just my suspicious nature kicking in.

The Renegades Are At It Again: The Newton Renegade Gravel Bike Race will take place on June 25th. I went to the first "Renegade" series race in April and it was a hoot. Sounds like this one will be quite an adventure, and if I know a thing or three about the promoters, there is going to be some sweet, steep Jasper County goodness on this 71-ish mile event. I'm going to try and swing it, but the bum knee may have something to say about that!

Pung Cha's Flowers
Still on the road from El Paso yet, overnighted in Liberal, Kansas. Hope to hit the pavement early  and bring in the truckster before dark-thirty tonight.

So, this will be an abbreviated post today. Gotta get back to the business of getting everyone safely home. I can't wait, really. Lots to do and catch up on.

Do I still actually have a job at the shop? I don't think they miss me too much! We'll see....

Have a great weekend ya'all, and I hope you get some great rides in, wherever you are.


Doug said...

I have mixed feelings about the Crabone frames...I'm glad to see folks make money, but I wonder how much they're making for just painting and marketing Asian products. I prefer steel made by guys I know and ride with. Aluminum works for me for cheap/light. I'm not a pro, nor do I have a sponsor to please, so disposable frames that need to be replaced all to often are not my cup of tea.

Wally said...

@Doug, pretty well said and your words echo my thoughts very well. I'm very happy with my steel frames and the couple aluminum frames I have on hand for "lightness".